5.190 - Patterns and construction help

This release comes with a few different and handy updates.

New: Mark any sketch geometry as a construction sketch and use it for guidance without generating closed sketches.
Improved: A circular pattern layout option has been added to the Pattern tool.
Improved: You can now do basic calculations in the dimension annotation area when using a keyboard as your modeling input device.

Additional improvement for Windows:

Improved: Exporting designs just got a lot better: it is now possible to customize parameters specific for the export formats and in case of all 3rd party 3D formats, you can now save first-level items as separate files.

As always, talk to us about how you like these additions.


Will Shaper feature the ability to split a body using a curve rather than a plane, similar to OnShape?


A video would be nice for 1 and 3:S

I couldn’t get the calculations to work :S and not sure what you mean with 1.


How do I get 5.190 version, I am on 5.180 this is on a iPad Pro.

You can update from the AppStore as usual. If the update is not pushed automatically, just search for Shapr3D in the AppStore, select it from the search query and you’ll see the update. This is the way to kinda force the update.

We definitely should.


Hey when I searched the AppStore, it shows as open. Not update.

I try windows 10 and it has the latest update (5.191). So my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro does not have the latest updates.

You need to go to the App Store page directly and hit Update.

I am also using the Windows Shapr3d is it necessary to use the windows Shapr3d Beta anymore since the standard Windows Shapr3d has been updated to version 5.191.3816.0 #73c82a92 or will the Windows Shapr3d Beta also get updated.

Thank you

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This is the AppStore on the iPad Pro.

Yes, tap on Shapr3D to open the page.

Yes, it’s just open shape3d .

On my MacBook Pro, it like this when there is an update for an app.

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Sometimes the App Store does not check for updates. Tap on the icon or title to open the App product page to force it. Then the button turns from Open to Update if there’s an available new version. Hope this helps.


Thanks, that did the trick.

.Thank you, very useful additions

@Amanda_Shapr3D I would second this suggestion from @Vassi_solutions. A video showing how to use these / what they do would be helpful. More for 1 and 3 than 2.

As for 4, I would really like to see the option to have every single individual body able to be saved as a separate item, and put into the respective folders within the zip file. I use folders like mad for my really complex designs, and it would be fantastic to have the ZIP file with all the exported STLs (or other files) mirror the arrangement in Shapr3D.

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