.9999 problems cropping up

Recently I’ve started experiencing a problem. I notice it mainly on Shapr3D for Mac. Running the latest version, and I’m not sure exactly what that is, as I’m away from my Mac at the moment, but can check later.

When drawing a line segment, it will appear as though it’s snapping to the grid with the start point. As I move in a different direction to size the line, it will snap to each of the grid points along, but it will offer snaps that are like 34.9999mm, or 39.9999mm.

I realize .9999 is super close, but what is going on with it not offering just plain solid numbers, like 35, 40, so on? I wondered if maybe it was the point I was selecting, so I painstakingly zoom in to ensure I’m exactly without a shadow of a doubt starting the line on a grid line, and it still happens. Sure, I can type in 40 instead of 39.9999, but how do I know the beginning of the line isn’t off?

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Hi @alexanderhendrickson , do you have a way to reproduce this issue?

I also had this issue a few times. I’m using it on Windows.

Absolutely. What do you need, a video or a file?

Could you please send a video with all the steps and please make it clear what Units you are using and what are the Grid settings.
Thanks a lot

Hi all - just an update, I’ve sent this over to Sebastian, and he said ticket has been escalated to a bug issue pending resolution as soon as possible. To fix another issue I had I was recommended to update from 5.180 to 5.190. It seems to have fixed that, but now I can’t type dimensions in when creating a new shape - and I can’t revert back to 5.180, because my designs are now considered incompatible with that. So that’s another issue, another email sent. :sweat_smile:

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Could you please send an email to Sebastian with a video recorder about the issue?
And if it is related to the same flow that you follow in the previous issue (.9999 issue).

I sent an email to the generic support email (support@shapr3d.com) with a recording of it. I didn’t receive a confirmation email that it came through though. It is not related to the previous workflow. This is a new issue since upgrading to 5.190. I’ve created a thread on it in the support forum, along with the video link, in the even that any others are having issues with this to chime in.

Thank you!

FWIW, here’s another version of this happening. Now, it’s 0.0001.

This was a 20x60mm rectangle that was created from a center point. The rectangle was then rotated 45º, and then moved, always staying snapped to the grid. Now when I go to place a shape in the center of it, it’s snapping to one-ten-thousandths of a millimeter.

If this were off by 1, 0.5, or even 0.05 of a millimeter, and the shape had been created on that scale, and then zoomed out to 1mm scale, it might make sense. But I’ve never created a shape zoomed in that far, so there must be something that’s happening when I’m moving that’s corrupting the absolute position.

This happened in 5.180, and is now happening in 5.190 also.

As I’ve been experiencing this and watching it more, it seems to be tied in some way to diagonal lines. If something is created, like a square or a rectangle, the shape is rotated, and then has a line attached to it that is created from one snapping grid point (on the shape) to another at a reasonable zoom (1mm or 0.5mm), it creates these strange numbers. It also does it from diagonal lines like a simple 45º angle that even crosses a very clear grid line.

In this picture, I sketched a design, on the top. unfortunately this design is full of .9999s and .0001s and even some .0002s, so now that I’ve figured out what it needs to be, I am resketching it, doing my best to ensure each and every line is a length that does not exceed two decimal points. And here we have it again - a simple line drawn from a two different 1mm grid points that should be a flat, even 46mm ends up being 46.0002mm.

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Thank you, very helpful. We’ll fix it soon.

@alexanderhendrickson the fix should be live by now in version 5.201. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Istvan and @Matyi and @Peter_Gy and @Sebestyen and all others who’ve helped and put up with me and my frustration on the road to getting this bug fixed - THANK YOU a MILLION times. The program and its functionality have now been restored and I can create dimensionally-accurate models again, and I cannot thank you enough. I was really getting tired of using F360 in the meantime. It was sending me in 360 circles. :crazy_face: I am so happy to be back with Shapr3D now.

Great to hear that. Apologies for the inconvenience.