Unbend geometrical bodies

Hello to everyone¡¡ I have been using shapr3d for quite sometime now and I can tell how amazing is to create in such an easy way.

My core business is metal works and shapr has been very useful in order to calculate materials very accurate, however I was wondering if anyone know how to unbend for example a conical body or any other asymmetrical bodies. This information would be so important to calculate the amount of let’s say metal sheet to be used and also the shape to be cut with the plasma pantograph.

I would really appreciate any help on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jessitilo75 , welcome to the community. We don’t have a dedicated sheet metal feature. It’s something that we plan to add in the future, but we can’t give an exact timeframe.


This will be a huge game changer for me! Opening many doors.

Thanks for your prompt response!! Definitely would be so great to add this feature, nowadays the manufacturing process need to get quick and accurate volume calculations in order to give a quote to your clients. Parasimetric softwares have this feature but then again is not Shapr software!! This feature could help in the process to calculate and also give the information to laser or plasma cutters maximizing the steel usage. Thanks again and keep up the extraordinary work you are doing.