Undo still buggy / unresponsive?

Seems like the Undo feature is the same as previous version?

I’m now unable to work until I’ve re-learnt the app again now everything is moved / changed. Gonna be a long night!

What’s the problem with undo?

When the app crashes you pretty much loose any UnDos. There’s no History to access…pretty basic functionally you’d expect.

Sorry I just annoyed as I have a load of work to do in this app and now I can’t even see how long a line is when I draw it. There’s a bunch of new tools that appear with no explanation about what they do. I only just got the hang of Groups and now I can’t even move a path to another group. Essentially all the things I could do now don’t work (or are done in a different way) and there’s a bunch of new tools with no tutorial videos. Yeh bit annoyed.

I hear you loud and clear, and I am really sorry to hear your frustration, but I totally understand it. However we had to do this big step, and we believe that this release improved the app and the workflow a lot.

We understand that there are many bugs, but we rae working really hard to smash them all. Let me know if we can help you.

Actually the tutorial videos are updated, check them out on the website or from the app.