Undo does not seem to work

Recently while trying out Shapr3D on Mac, I noticed that undo and redo just don’t seem to work at all. I used an extrusion to subtract from a body I was editing, and then realized the subtraction wasn’t how I wanted it, but Cmd-Z does nothing, and the “Undo” menu option in the edit menu is grayed out. Does the app not support undo, or am I missing something?

EDIT: After restarting the app, Undo/Redo behavior started working again for a while. At a certain point, I attempted to enter a dimension while using a tool and pressing Enter would result in the Mac error chime. After this, Undo/Redo stopped working, and the menu items remain grayed out. It appears the app enters a specific state where it stops working and won’t start working again until backing out of modeling and then entering again.

Hi Owen!

Thanks for posting this issue! Could you specify which tool you used, when the app went into the “greyed out” state?
If you could provide your environment (app version, macOS version, hardware), that would be a big help aswell.

Thanks in advance

This seems to occur regardless of which tool I use, and the app goes into this state when I use cmd-tab to switch to a different app, and then switch back to Shapr3D. After cmd-tabbing away and back, the app entirely stops recording an undo/redo history, and other behaviors like typing in a dimension and pressing enter also stop working.

This is happening for me on version 4.5.0 downloaded from the Mac App Store, on the macOS 12 beta released Monday, and does not happen on macOS 11.

It could be a bug in macOS 12 beta. I’ve had issues before with apps misbehaving during macOS beta periods and, eventually, they just started working after a new beta release.

I’ve also had issues with dormant bugs in an app becoming active as a result of an updated OS running the code differently.


We don’t support Beta OS versions in general. Reason is, most of these issues get fixed in the OS itself before it gets released.

Thanks for reporting it though, we will keep an eye out for it and check on the last beta before it gets released, to make sure it doesn’t cause problems!

Let us know if you see anything else weird.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info I will try to figure it out for more.