“Undo” takes me back to “draw” mode

I frequently get into a draw mode and accidentally tap on something that takes me out of draw mode. I can then either tap a face and hit Spacebar (which zooms me waaaaaay out and shows the whole face) or I can tap on a face and draw a line. I almost always choose the second approach, which results in me having to 1. Tap on a face. 2. Draw a line. 3. CMD Z to undo the line draw that I don’t actually want, but it got me into the drawing mode without zooming me out.

I’ve used apps before that have this functionality and I assume it’s pretty common among 3D modeling apps.

I would expect this feature to include incremental line/object/face selections and draw mode changes to the undo stack so if I accidentally tap on something that removes the focus I can CMD Z and undo back to the selection state I was just in.

I would expect the following scenarios to work:

  1. I select a face
  2. I enter drawing mode
  3. I zoom in to a specific place on the face
  4. I accidentally exit drawing mode.
  5. I “undo” which simply re-enters drawing mode.


  1. I tap a corner line
  2. I tap several other corner lines (I intend to round them all the same amount)
  3. I accidentally tap outside the object and lose my selection of lines
  4. I “undo” which takes me back to line-selection mode with the lines I just had selected.

This is a fairly small feature request in terms of annoyance. It’s a bother, but I have my 3-step, quick workaround. This is however an area where Shapr3D failed to delight me and is noticeably inferior to other software I have used.