Union failing


I have a weird shape that I copied and I’m trying to use try union function but it’s giving strange errors: Boolean failed, something went wrong,…

I have the object pretty small and can send it over in shapr format, just need to know how or where



just export it and send it to support@shapr3d.com


Having the same problem as follows:

Import of Polymesh solids from Rhino in Parasolid or STEP files

Got the file as well - we will look at the issue


Sent to support team!:blush:


I just sent mine as well just now (#3760). interestingly, I created another one from scratch and same thing happen; I also managed to get a new error message " Non-manifold result"


Thanks - we will look at this. At first glance I think the problem here is that the result body would be non-manifold. Here is a quick article on what it is: https://www.sculpteo.com/blog/2017/10/18/how-to-fix-non-manifold-geometry/

Nonetheless, we will have a look at your file as well :slight_smile:


thanks. the one I sent doesn’t give the manifold message (the new one I recreated does) but sure please c heck and let me know


I don’t think anyone has replied to me on this. Also not on the ticket


Hi - you are not going to be able to union those bodies because they would be non-manifold. I’ve showed it to the devs as well.


What about me dear Daniel?! Is there sth ?!


Hi Hamed - devs looked at it as well and gives the same error message in the background. Your imported file is mesh to step, and it doesn’t have any thickness, so by definition it can only be non-manifold.


That’s right but as you saw, the problem is that (imported minus body) works but not (body minus imported), then why?! As a matter of fact, in both cases the impoted file has no thicknesses