Uniting issues

I’m having yet another issue. I’m making a custom stamp. I imported the text, created a block for it to go over then I unite all bodies. I sliced it, got all my settings down on Cura but I noticed it doesn’t print all together in layers. It prints the block first, then the text. When it’s done printing, it looks like the letters are about to pop off the block… which they did. So now I’m left with just the block and a bunch of random letters on the floor. How do I fix this?

Sounds like the text and the block are two different bodies. Try Union to combine the two bodies into one.

I have and this is why I’m so confused :frowning:

Hi there,

If the part is indeed one body, then it sounds like you have a printer or slicer settings problem. Out of curiosity, what printer are you using and what is the nozzle size and what material are you attempting to print with?

Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing and uploading your STL file, I’d be happy to review it in my slicer, Simplify3D.

Good luck, Mike

Hi mike!

I’m using an Ender 3 Pro, 0.4 nozzle with PLA for testing however I do plan on using flexible TPU for the official print.

Unfortunately, I’m a new user therefore unable to upload any files as such :frowning:

I understand. I’m not sure that viewing in my slicer would do much good anyway. What is the approximate wall thickness(s) at the text? Did you create the text, or, did you download it from elsewhere? If elsewhere, are the files in STL format?


Would you email me the STL file to Imagineering@CustomKarvings.com. As Mike suggested, I’ll take a look and see what I can find out.

Good idea Tom. Let us know your findings if you get the file for review.

BTW, I made a small dummy part with a separate body imbedded but not Union’ed. I reviewed it in 3 different slicers. PrusaSlicer and Cura sliced the part as if it was one (whole). Simplefy3D went nuts and sliced the part with holes that didn’t make any sense.

I have had the best luck printing letters when I do a small cut down into the body with the letters - so extrude both ways. Cut down extrude up. Then position the letters down into the body instead of laying on top of the body. Good luck.

You could use the slight chamfer tool and create a small curve into the lettering. This gives the letters a larger contact point on the block.