Longer workflow due to Double actions

Just a comment really…

Pushing faces previously worked by simply pushing a face the distance you needed. You watched th measure as it pushes tweaking after.

For some reason I now get a clear red ghost that I have to tap to remove. What’s the benefit on adding the extra step.

Every update of the app seems to add steps instead of remove steps.

This is not a bug but a feature.

When you extrude an object, now there’s an opportunity to use:

  • fuse
  • intersect
  • new
  • subtact

You just have to tap the value label and use numpad to enable it.

You see the red ghost because you are doing a subtraction. If you only want to do that, than yes, there’s an extra step in this version. But if you want to do intersect or a new item, than this new function makes it way easier to do these. For an intersect previously you had to create 2 items, select tools / subtract / select objects in the right order, click ok, delete and so on. Now it is available in 3 taps.

You can read more about this feature here: http://blog.shapr3d.com/whats-new-in-shapr3d-jan-2017/#New-extrude-commands

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I am sorry that you find the updates frustrating, but Shapr will change a lot in the next few months. Unfortunately adding features require tweaking the existing functionality, however, the changes should not be that frustrating. If you could give us a detailed list of what bugs/features were frustrating, you can be sure that we will do our best to fix or improve them.

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So this video explains everything but is it in the app? I haven’t seen it…if you launch new features without help people will try to guess the new tools and fail…probably never try again. It’s so important to get this content to users until they say “ok I get it” and close / hide the help.

V1 was such a steep learning curve…this update is harder to get to grips with.

We are constantly trying to improve our onboarding, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Most people instantly skip all kind of dialogs or popovers withiut reading them.

Sure. That’s the problem.

Maybe gamifyijg with status like on the forums - Power user, rookie etc. You have to go through the steps to demonstrate you have watched, copied and learned.

An ongoing record of tools I’ve learned would really inspire me keep learning.

If I’m stressed trying complete a task but I only have 60% learning I’m likely to sit more training to get to 100% before I come on the help forum after blood :slight_smile: