Update on timeline?

Can anyone on the Shapr team please provide a timeline on the update release to fix some of the current issues with the new HBPM version?

I noticed all the red is gone in the items menu (thank you) after an auto-update a few days ago, but sketching feature fixes ie. dimension size, constraint tag size, etc, lag, collapse history, and most of the others in Istvan’s post on the update for changes aren’t implemented yet.

Finding workarounds is becoming a project in itself rather than working on projects.


If I’m not mistaken, that update is supposed to come out next week.

Didn’t know if that was a settled timeline, the estimates have been pretty fluid. Would love to have a more concrete estimate if there is one from one of the team members.

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We are releasing new versions every 2 weeks on a fixed cadence, except patch releases. Major versions (eg. 5.600, 5.620, etc.) coming out in every two weeks. Patch releases come out when they are needed (eg. 5.603).

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