Upgrade the drawing,

If you upgrade the drawing, the dimensions of the drawing keep changing even if you don’t want it. Is there any solution?

Hi there,
At the moment it is not possible to disconnect a drawing from the source model in Shapr3D. If you don’t want to have the drawing updated after the modifications for some reason, please export the drawing of the current version and modify the model after exporting the drawing.

May I ask for your use case, in the meantime? We did not expect drawings to be unconnected from the models quite frequently.

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Hi friend
I’ll send you a file I’m working on…
I use shaper 3d when designing space, and I use it when meeting with clients. Of course, customers love shapr.
I am also using shapr for order drawings and production details.

I’ll send you the materials I’ve been working on .

I’m sorry but my English is bad…

thank you

PJ-피스메이커.shapr (6.01 MB)

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