How to reconnect 2D drawings with models?

Hello, how can I reconnect a 2D drawing that is no longer updating regardless of what sync status is? Does saving multiple versions of projects (filename.copy) have something to do with it?


Shapr3D is a direct modeling tool, which means once the 3D body is created, there is no connection between it and the sketch it was created from. You can keep interacting and changing the 3D body directly. For a quick comparison, this article should help:

In CAD speak, drawing and sketch imply two different things. When I said 2D drawing I was referring to the 2D drawing mode in Shapr3D. (Not sketch mode)

Problem rephrased:
If I don’t close the app, 2D drawings stay connected to 3D models they represent and changes can be seen on the 2D drawings when made on 3D models.

After closing the app and opening it after some time, the link no longer exists. Something breaks and 2D drawings no longer update changes made on 3D models, regardless of pressing the update or sync cloud button.

Is there a way to reconnect 2D drawings to 3D models? Are there any known causes for the breaking link or workarounds for avoiding having to redraw 2D drawings.

When you extrude a drawing/sketch into a body, the drawing/ sketch remains on the sketch plain separate from the extruded body. They are now 2 separate entities.

Modifying the drawing/ sketch will not yield changes to the body. They are separate. Modifying the body will not affect the drawing/ sketch. They are 2 separate entities once the body is created.

You can modify the drawing/ sketch to extrude a new body.

You can create multiple drawing/ sketches to affect 1 body or create other bodies.

There is no dynamic/ updating relationship between the two.

I see.

Could you open a support ticket, and attach a workspace ins .shapr format where the Drawing and the 3D model got disconnected?

We are happy to investigate.