USDZ Reality Composer material

I am new here and I need help, the direct USDZ export is fantastic but
when I export a file as USDZ and import in Reality Composer, I cannot change the material or assign a new one


Hmm, interesting, I don’t think we’ve tried that yet. We will check it asap.

Hi Istvan, thanks for the quick reply, I wait your feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi Samuele!
Reality Composer can edit only their internal objects. Using materials or colors is not an available feature for imported models. With Shapr3D you can edit the colors of your model and export to an USDZ file.


Thanks for the clarification, it’s just that the materials in Reality Composer, like metallics, are very realistic

I’m trying to play with Reality Composer, for the material finishes, etc.
I’m seeing that the app only imports USDZ, however, the USDZ exports I creat from Shapr are not recognized by Reality Composer. I will not open them.
Is there something I’m missing? An export setting?


You can import your models to Reality Composer, but currently, you cannot edit the material on the imported models. I just tried an export-import process and it worked with the latest Shapr3D version as it should, do you receive any error messages? Could you please upload (or send us to the file you are working with?

@KPeter_Shapr3D no error messages. The USDZ file is “dimmed out” (not selectable) for import by Reality Composer.

In any case, Reality Composer won’t be very useful to me without being to edit material appearance.
Edit: I just noticed the above post by @DoraGilicz, that Reality Composer won’t edit finishes on imported objects.

Do you have any suggestions for an iPad app that can do this?

You could check out Jig Workshop, Forger or Nomad

Also,Usdzshare on twitter is able to use swift playground to code a small app that might do the trick

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