Exporting shapr3d design into Apple Reality Composer or Adobe Aero

Have anyone experience in these two apps? And using them with shapr3d withouth having to pull out the mac ?

Is USDZ export the missing link? Or can one use any of the other export file types?
I tried OBJ in both Reality Composer and Adobe aero. RC wouldn´t even show the files when trying to import. Adobe Aero did import the file but showed up blank.

Is there a good app or online converter anyone can recomend ?

I tried Vectary, both for rendering and usdz export, but Safari is not supported.

Apparantly OBJ import in Adobe Aero have to be * OBJ - with MDL or MTL materials

I’m guessing you got it to work and thanks for sharing your workaround.

Not really…

Shapr3d doesn´t export OBJ with MDL or MTL materials? Since I the import in Adobe aero shows up blank / just a box ?

Try Reality Converter from Apple:

I used it, with Reality Composer, to place an architectural model in the site the building will be.


Thats on Mac if I´m not mistaken?

Then I already have it on my mac. But I was hoping to be able to do this without having to remote access my mac.