Using ALIGN with multiple bodies/assemblies

The Align tool is great, and has been a huge help in assembling designs.

However, one way that would greatly improve it’s function is the ability to select multiple bodies, whether a folder of bodies, or selecting individual bodies, then aligning them all relative to one area/surface/edge of one of the selected bodies to align.


I want to place this bearing into a bore. If I select the whole bearing assembly, the Align tool is not offered as an option. I can only select one part of the assembly. In this case, only the outer race is aligned, when it would be great to align the whole bearing assembly, based on the selected aligning surfaces of just the outer race.



Yes, that’s a known issue with the Align tool, and something that we are considering implementing. Thanks for the feedback! Model is looking great btw :slight_smile: are you going to manufacture it, or did you just design it for fun?

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Making that option would be great for align.
This is a hub for a motorcycle, and yes, the plan is to machine it.
This is just an initial sketch.

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Awesome! Would love to see the end result.

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Yes, please add multiple objects or alignment of groups.

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Yes, please implement this. I’m running into a situation with a 3D model of a circuit board that has separate bodies for the substrate and the tracks. The current implementation of the Align tool only allows me to align the substrate, leaving the tracks behind.

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Has there been any more consideration of this?

It would greatly speed up my workflow.