Aligning 'grouped' bodies...?

Just wondering if there is a way to align a ‘group’ of bodies with another body.

The align tool is great. However, if I have a model comprised of several bodies ‘grouped’ together I am not able to align the entire group with another body.

Example: Imagine a wheel design comprised of a hub and a tyre which I now group together to make a wheel assembly. I now wish to align the entire assembly with the axle…

But, Shapr3D only allows one body to be selected for alignment with another. Meaning I have to first align the hub with the axle before aligning the tyre with the hub.

This gets tedious very quickly with assemblies comprising multiple bodies.

In SketchUp one could select multiple bodies at once then select any face, edge or vertice of the entire selection and drag to align with another object.

Hi, yes, that’s unfortunately a shortcoming of the current implementation, and something that we should definitely improve. Assemblies are a broader topic, that we’d like to address in the future.


Wow, that was a seriously snappy response! Thank you. I look forward to having this ability in the future.

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Definitely. I’m always fascinated by how much more we can still do to make Shapr3D better!


Hi Pascal, we receive literally hundreds of feature requests from our customers every month, and we are doing our best to deliver as quickly as possible.


The number of regularly requested features is well beyond 5, actually it’s in the range of hundreds, and all the 140 team members at Shapr3D are working on implementing as many of them as possible as quickly as possible. With our bi-weekly updates we are improving Shapr3D rapidly. For example until now Visualization was the most requested feature, and we’ve just shipped it :tada: While the forum is an important source of information, it’s certainly not representing our complete customer base. To avoid being biased, we’ve set up an entire team of 5 people working nothing else but interviewing our users and understanding what are the most important features for them, and they are doing a fantastic job, I’m so proud of them!


No offence taken.

Shapr3D is one of the most intuitive and user friendly 3D software apps I’ve ever used. Yes, there are some limitations but considering how relatively new Shapr3D I think they’ve done a fantastic job so far.

I’m so happy to be part of this continually evolving journey and eagerly anticipate each and every update.

Shapr3D is shaping up to be a 3D force to be reckoned with :ok_hand: