Step Files - Align Tool

I have downloaded and included in a design a step file from Sugatsune, It is a drawer slide that contains 3 bodies. I would at times like treat those three bodies as 1 for example when using the align tool.

According to this article (Solved - Aligning and fitting together two parts) in June last year the align tool didn’t support what I am trying to do. Is that still true? Is there anyway of “grouping” the three parts they act like a single body for alignment?

Align does not support more than 2 objects. However, tricky manipulations should overcome that. Yes we are actively asking for both body arrays (linear and circular) and better alignment tools (that will likely accompany “assemblies”).

Many tools you are used to you are likely going to have to find other ways of achieving.

And of course if you need help we are here.

Shapr is improving at a good pace. It’s method of direct modeling suits some of us better than others.

For clarification I’m just a novice user not an associate of Shapr.

Sounds good. Learning that if I select 2 edges in the same plane I get the distance between the 2 has been super useful. So far everything is moving in the right direction.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

You are welcome. Shapr grows on you. Pay it forward.

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