Using body from previously created drawing

Hello everyone. I would like to insert a body (e.g. a screw) from a previously designed drawing into a new drawing.

Importing a STEP file or a Shapr3D project is of course possible, but then you have to perform several operations to accomplish this…

Does anyone know if directly reusing a body is possible?

Hi Jan-Willem,

Could you please describe what you mean by “directly reusing a body”?

My tactic has been to build an x_t “library” of these kind of bodies. So when I want to insert one it is a matter of Import, Align and Translate.

The speed bump for me is panning and zooming. My “library” has the parts close to the origin, so on bigger (spacial sense) projects, often involves panning and zooming twice; once to select the part (face or edge) on the imported source and again on the target for the align step.

If there were a command “Import Here” where the import would put the center of the imported body on a gizmo, then it would be smoother.

Hello Bob,

I understand your working method and I currently do the same. You only need a relatively large number of actions to perform this.

To answer your question: I mean the following;

Suppose I have Shapr3D file A, which contains, among other things, the body of an M4 bolt. And I want to use this M4 bolt again in another new design (file B), then it would be nice if you could copy the body in file A of the M4 bolt and then paste it into file B…

A lot of people have brought up the ability to copy and paste (similar to having a clipboard) between shapr files. Seems like a common and useful request since most programs have copy/paste ability. Don’t know if that’s on the roadmap for the development team but it has been suggested.

Good to know @APDesignMachine. Thx for your input! Maybe the Shapr Team will also read along :slight_smile:

A “persistent” clipboard, where you select an item, place a gizmo and paste would be fantastic!

That sounds like a winner to me!!