Using existing geometry for new sketch

I think i may have asked about this situation before I am creating a sketch on a new plane that is basically in the middle of the part and when i sketch a new circle on the plane and try to constrain it to the existing geometry hole it completely drops out of the sketch. The created new sketched circle is still there but will not let me constrain to existing hole. I understand that i can use the project command to add the existing hole circle to the new sketch but to me that seems like a lot of wasted time. I would like to see a command added to the sketching commands like a “Use Edge” that will use the edges of any geometry any add it to the new sketch to me this would save a lot of time, let me know what you think.

Thank you

You can move the sketch to the middle of the part.

Yes, I understand that can be done but I am thinking about time being wasted because of having to do multiple commands when it could be done with one command pick. The “use edge” command is a command that is widely used in many cad software’s. May it will be added at a later point in time. Hopefully…

Thank you.