Version 5.470.0.5808--Basically makes keyboard unusable

When using any feature that needs keyboard input or simply pressing enter / escape, nothing happens and the Apple sound for an invalid key stroke is triggered. In order to fix, one must remove the app and reinstall. Shortly after reinstalling, the problem occurs again.


Which OS version are you running?

Hi. Now I have same problem; After Sonoma Update.
I think it is happening when Safari works with Shapr3D.
My Sonoma Verson is 14.0 and Shapr3D Verson is Version 5.470.0 (5808)

It seems like an issue with the latest macOS, we are looking into it if it’s something we can fix.

Definitely a major problem with macOS Sonoma: most KB entry just beeps. For example I can’t enter millimeter values in the fields. I have to use the virtual numeric pad of Shapr3d… with the mouse !

The keyboard works fine in Shapr3D when Safari is not turned on. If I open Safari while work on Shapr3D, or turn on Shapr3D from Safari, or in any case, the keyboard does not work.
If you have both Shapr3D and Safari turned on, and then quit Safari from that state, the keyboard will not work in Shapr3D. If you quit Shapr3D from that state and restart it, the keyboard will not work. After rebooting, only Shapr3D should work.

Indeed it looks like Safari is causing the problem.

I did some more experiments and found that Chrome, Ms Powerpoint, and Adobe Acrobat also prevent the keyboard from being used.
It seems that something is not working between Shapr3D and Sonoma. I’ve checked with other workers and they have not updated Sonoma and are not having any problems.

We’ve found the issue and working on a fix.

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Hey all,
We have found a workaround: when you come back to the Shapr app and the keyboard doesn’t seem to work, click on a button on the toolbar at the top of the app window, eg. Help (question mark), then close the opened menu. The keys should be properly registered again.
We’re working on shipping a solution ASAP, sorry for the inconvenience.


I reported this a week or two ago. I was running the macOS beta at the time.

Same, i reported this issue at least a month ago. Has been an issue on Mac OS Sonoma beta for a while. Was hoping the public release would fix it but it still is an issue for me.

P.S. I am not a safari user so not sure if the Safari thing is necessarily the cause.

Still a problem on Version 5.471.0 (5829). I managed to use Shapr3D for about 5 minutes before the keyboard died.

Hey! Thanks for letting us know. We are working on a patch for this issue at the moment, should be available shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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in the meantime, please use the workaround posted above

The workaround does not appear to work for me. Only workaround that seems to work for me is returning to the shapr3d home screen and relaunching the model file.

I’m also having this problem. In my experience, restarting Shapr3D will temporarily fix the problem - the keyboard will again work normally. It seems that merely switching focus to another window causes the keyboard to become unresponsive when switching focus back to Shapr3D. This is repeatable. Launch Shapr3D, select an object, hit esc key, works as expected. Switch focus to any other open window, go back to Shapr3D, keystrokes no longer work, and we get a system beep. This is true even if the other window is a modal window produced by Shapr3D itself. (for example, the “Delete Bodies” modal window.)

For me, happens in Ventura, and now Sonoma. How in the heck did this get missed?

FYI: I’m using Shapr3D 5.471.0 (5829)

5.472.0 (5845) patch was just released, that fixes this particular issue. Please follow the usual way of updating your app to be able to access it. Update Shapr3D (macOS)


When is this change going to make it into the HBPM beta? TestFlight is still listing 5.470.0 as the latest beta.

Thanks - I just completed a tutorial and the keyboard worked fine using v5.472.0

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