macOs Beta - Bug reports

Hi Shapr3d Team,

I think I found a bug in

Shapr3d 3.56 beta macOs, using
iMac 27" 5k, macOs Catalina 10.15.7 (Apple Keyboard & Magic Mouse 2):

What happens:
When I change my view from default view to top view (or front, back, bottom, left or right) and then back again to default view, I’m not able to delete any item with my keyboard delete button. I can delete through the tool menu. To fix the keyboard delete button I have to close the app and restart it.


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Great catch, thank you! We will look into this.

Hi Istvan,

I like to expand my bug report: the issue is not only the delete button, but rather most of the other keyboard functions are not working after the switch between views and to be more accurate when you select the default view from the “views/appearance” menu (if you switched the view or not), it doesn’t appear to happen when you double click the orientation cube.