Very Basic Working Order Help

This is sort of a preliminary conceptual question. The included gif shows that I’ve drawn 2 circles in different parallel planes. What I’m going for in this case would be something like a test tube stopper. May I make the circles concentric after I’ve gotten to this point, or must I use the sketch constraint to make them concentric in a single plane before separating them into two planes? Or is another approach called for? Thanks.

make concentric drawings in different planes

Make the concentric first on the same sketch plane, then project the outer one to the construction plane as a sketch. There are no constraints between the separate sketch planes.

Thanks. What operation lets me use the two parallel circles to define the top and bottom of a solid pedestal? Or is that another misconception about construction of solids in Shapr on my part? Thanks again.

Loft will do the job. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now I’ll get back to tutorials!

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