Cannot separate sketches

I am totally beginner so sorry for the question in advance, surely I miss a basic concept here.

I made the mistake to create sketches on the same plane and now I try to separate them afterwards.

I saw a forum discussion about this where they suggested to project them to a separate construction plane and then place them into a folder.

However, when I translate the separated sketch in level with the original sketch-monster, it jumps out of the folder and joins again with the sketch-batch. What do I miss here?

It is very awkward not to be able to select multiple sketches at once by drawing a rectangle around the sketches and that I cannot group them freely.

Thanks for your thoughts on this,

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Please Sketch a small Circle or Rectangle, using the appropriate Tool from Sketch, on a vacant area in your Sketch.

Highlight the Closed Shape just created [Circle or Rectangle] and use Add > Construction Plane > choosing the offset option.
When setting the Offset distance choose 5mm or 1/4".
The Construction Plane will be created the distance chosen from the Plane with the Sketch.

Use Transform > Move/Rotate > Select the parts of the Sketch you wish to separate and Move them, using the appropriate Arrow in the same direction and distance as the Construction Plane.

I realise this will sound rather complicated and so I will provide a Video Clip to assist:

I have used two simplified Sketches and used a Rectangle to create the Construction Plane.
Planes MUST be separated in this manner.
Separation can be a little as 0.001mm or as far as you wish.
In Items to the left hide one of the Sketches to observe the result.

If you need more help just shout.

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Thanks. And I suppose there is no way to tell which sketch is ‘attached’ to which plane, right? I should create 20 different sketches (see attached pic), this means 20 planes… I think this is not the tool to work this out :confused: S3D was excellent to work out the body but I feel I go back to good old CorelDraw to draw these…

Anyway, thanks for clearing this! Cheers!

I am also a CD User back to v4.

It will require a mindset change to work with S3D and new workflows may be required, it comes into it’s own with Bodies [3D Models]

Looks like you already have a ‘filing system’ running in Items.

As you say each Design is kept on a different Plane in a Named Folder, a great start.
This can be further expanded by using [iPad has this built in] and Designs are shuttled using Export and Import.

Much will depend on how you use your Sketches.

Ah, now I can start again from scratch… my two weeks trial has just finished and I cannot export anything… :tired_face:

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!

You are most welcome.

The ideal situation would be to create each of your Designs and place each one separately in a .shapr File.
These Designs would contain the Sketch and Body or Bodies generated from that Sketch, and then placed into a structured Filing System within
Only the Bodies are needed to create a combination Design., Export - Import works faultlessly and is efficient.

Take care, stay safe.

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