How to align circles?


I’m trying to create a holding pad between the CPU Cooler (shape visible) and my casing (visible as sketch)

With the new construction plane I’m able to quickly align the two parts. Hooray!

But now I face a problem that I think was solvable in the past. While sketching in one plane, I could nonetheless create a concentric constraint with the mounting holes in the cooler shape.

I don’t know how to accomplish this here. Ultimately for this problem I could probably sketch in the cooler surface and solve the problem through subtraction. But getting the circles would be beneficial to outline the whole pad shape. Any advice?

To clarify: the two largish circles in the sketch should be concentric to the mounting holes.

Can you draw on the image to clarify what needs to be concentric to what? I don’t fully understand what the issue is.

If you take a screenshot with the iPad Pro (press the power button + home button the same time), tap on the screenshot that appears in the bottom left corner and you can annotate + draw on the screenshot.


Hope this is clearer. I created a longer construction axis. The circle center should end up at the cut point between said axis and the sketch plane. So the circle coincides with the mounting hole in the piece below.

If I understand correctly, you want to make 2 circles concentric that are on different “levels”. You can’t do that.

The workaround is to create a copy of the bottom circle and move it up next to the top one (with the Transform or Translate tool). So at the top you’ll have two circles. The big one, and the copy of the bottom one, but moved to the 2nd level. Make sure to lock the copied circle and make them concentric. I think this is your best option.

Your understandIng is correct. I’m trying to use your tip, but struggle with it. The translation doesn’t snap to the circle center or the cut point of sketch plane and construction line. So in the end I don’t know when the circle will be in plane, and not laterally moved. Any suggestion?

Ok, a workaround: extrude a cylinder from the bottom plane beyond the sketch plane. Extract a second body from the (encompassing) circle up beyond the cylinder tip. Subtract latter from former. Result is a circle you can use.

It would be great to get “snap to construction line intersection”

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Yes - and other osnaps as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Side note: translation will snap to the circle center from the next release.

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