Visualisation colouring shown on 2D Drawing output

Looking to supply both print and assembly specifications and 3D models of product labels from a single Shapr3D file.

In the file attached I have prepared an example product label, I would be super helpful if the 2D drawing was able to show the colour and fill I have set in the visualisation. We could then use the Shapr3D file as the single source of truth for the latest revision.
Labels Example.shapr (2.8 MB)

Being able to use Shapr3D as the single creation/output tool would greatly improve our efficiency and load on the team here. I create the drawings for import to other product/CAD renderings for us and customers, our wider design team is currently recreating the colour accurate version for the P&A spec.

I’m working to get more of the team using Shapr and this feature would help my argument greatly.

If you create a snapshot from the Visualization tool, you can import it to your drawing with all the colors.

The workflow is described in the thread below, could that work for you?

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Thanks @KPeter, it does work although not an ideal workflow or result. A good interim solution though.