Visualization issue

Can’t seem to get the window in the visualization screen to go away. The side bar with the materials and environment and camera tab are just stuck on the right side of my app and I can’t close it. HELP


To clarify, you press the sidebar’s button, and it still doesn’t close?

Which app and OS version are you running, and what is the device?

Does it remain a problem after an app restart, can you reproduce it consistently?


So for some reason my pencil wasn’t hitting that space when I hit it. I ended up touching that with my finger and it closed. Not sure when my pencil wouldn’t respond to that area.

First time I used Visualisations, I didn’t know how to close it either. Easy when you know how :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! Eventually I got it. I think there is something up with my screen protector on my iPad because I just couldn’t get it to register. I got it! Thank you so much for your video though! Appreciate this community!