Slow or stopped rendering in visualizer

Latest build, iPad, visualization rendering grinds to a halt after a short while. Only solution is to force close the app and restart. Oddly, this only helps slightly. Rebooting the iPad helps but only a short time, then the problem returns. Heavy user (also the beta) since a few years and have not seen this before. The model is around 300 parts.


Which device are you using? Could you provide the model you are having trouble with? Is it something new, or with this model it always happens / happened?
Could you also try updating to the latest version and check if the prolblem remains?

I’m on an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation).
First time I have this issue.
Will update to latest version now.

Updated to latest version. Same problem. Visualizer grinds to a complete stop within a minute (after getting slower and slower).

@skantorp I don’t recommend uninstalling the app, as the projects are stored locally on your device and unless it is backed up, it also deletes all, already created designs.

If you wish to uninstall and reinstall, make sure to back up your designs

Could you share the workspace you are having a problem with? If confidential, you can email it directly to me at

Will mail you Laci / Johan

Johan Skåntorp Krug
Fjairil AB