Visualization not working

Hi, I’m a first time user of Shapr3d and just learning to 3d model. Everything works great except the visualization of my models. I can see the outlines of any given part of my model when i hover the mouse over it but i can’t actually SEE the visualization of the model and that makes it really difficult to add colours/textures.
Can someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong?

Hi @IntensiveCareBear , can you share a screenshot?

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This looks like a bug. Can you share your system configuration and GPU driver version?

Happy to. Just how exactly do i do that? Screenshot or something else?

Yes, a screenshot would be perfect.

Let me know if that’s what you need. If you need more, I’ll get what you need

Would the fact that i’m using onboard graphics make any difference? Intel HD4000

Hi, yes, unfortunately that’s the issue. Intel HD4000 is not supported. You can find the minimum system requirements here: Compatible devices

@LePapa Good observations :+1:

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