Seeking a tutor

Greetings, all! I am seeking a tutor for some remote instruction sessions.

I have found that most online instruction is already made obsolete when new features come out or when updates are made to the UI. Very frustrating, and impossible to follow along with.

Please reapply to this post or message me if you can help with remote instruction- or if you know any tutors.

I am very eager to become fully proficient and would like to begin right away.

Thanks so much!


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Hey – welcome!

We put a lot of emphasis on making sure our learn contents are useful for everyone to get started. I have to admit we are a bit behind on keeping them fully up-to-date, as we have a few big changes coming in the next months and we wanted to wait for those to be ready before re-recording some of the tutorials. The user manual is, however, always up-to-date.

Could you point at a few specific tutorials or other instructions that you found hard to follow due to the changes that were made in the app since they were made? We are aware that there are indeed many smaller visual changes, but it’d be really useful to know which ones are especially problematic for you.


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Hello all,

It will be great and very helpful for all (new) users of Shapr3D to update your tutorials. To learn this very powerful CAD software I think the step-by-step tutorials from the designer Claas Kuhnen is the best way to learn it. He is a very good tutor to learn it from, good product designers approach, perfect design examples and also a good voice to listen to. Really helpful to increase your Shapr3d skills! Also you definitely have to see all the very clear examples of Tiger Mike and the tutorials of J.Lake 3D. Does anyone knows other good tutorials ?


Look at the shape you want to make or imagine the shape?

There’s only two elements I know of … Line and Curve…

If you can draw either of those elements you can doodle anything the imagination desires? Paper Wood Cad Sand Stones…


Keep it Simple :sunglasses:

Practice Practice Practice

There is no right or wrong way … it’s what suits you?

Explore … Paths unknown to you today will become more familiar with time if pursuing your goal stays clear?


Thanks you all for the replies. Would any of you be willing to tutor me (paid) for a couple of hours? Thank you!

My ways are so unorthodox, I’m no good for teaching!!! :joy::joy::joy:

You’ll get it I’m sure of that! :sunglasses:

Is this request for your work? Hobby? The reason I ask is some here old school draftsmen/ engineers, some are more artists. The two tend to think/ create a little differently so the approach they take would likely be different. Which one would you choose to help you learn? Also of import is what you bring to the table. Any drawing/ drafting experience on computers? Are you more artist or engineer or aspiring to be? The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Some of us are naturally a bit of both. Kinda like I am. Also what platform? Mac or PC?

Truth be told, both! I need to learn Shapr3D in order that I can work on designs that will allow my to launch my art business. Once I master (even just the fundamentals) of Shapr3D, I’ll be able to take my artistic works from concept to reality.

I have Mac and iPad and plan to use both for modeling.

I feel like I’ve been pregnant (with my ideas) for years. I need to get them out of my head and into Shapr3D.

Can ANYONE please spend a few hours with me on a Zoom call? I’d gladly pay for your time. Thanks!

Hi AgentRed,

I’d be happy to talk you through some stuff. If you’re on the Facebook group, you could find my name Shaun Richardson and send me a pm.

No need to commit to anything, I’d be happy to talk to you first to see what you really need :slight_smile:

FYI: I use Shapr3D for my work daily and have also freelanced for some of the group members.

Hi Shaun,
I’ve been trying to find someone who can teach me how to create one specific object for an art project. Please, might I be able to hire you for this purpose?
Thank you for considering.