Difficult to see model detail in Web Viewer

Is there a way to toggle “Edges on” or otherwise improve the definition between bodies in the Web Viewer? I am sharing large models with thousands of bodies. Between the default lighting and the lack of edge highlighting, the Web View is REALLY washed out and difficult for colleagues to see the details I want them to see as we collaborate. Even with adjacent objects being different colors it is a problem.

Basically, the way the assembly looks in the 3D modeling view (with the exaggerated edge definition) is how I would like it to look when I share it via Web Viewer. I don’t see ANY options to modify it’s appearance within the Web View or in the Share menu when publishing the model.

Any other tips or workarounds? Thanks!


Shapr team? Any confirmation, ideas or tips?
Nothing can be currently done to improve the visual definition between bodies for “busy” assemblies in the Web Viewer?
If not, has that already been identified as an item to improve, or do I need to submit an actual Feature request? I can’t imagine my group are the only ones that find it a pain point. Thanks.

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Hi, yes, we are aware of the limitations of the Webviewer. Our web capabilities will csrtainly improve over time, but this year I can’t promise any significant updates in the web rendering.

@Istvan I appreciate you responding!
I was hoping there was some setting or tip I had overlooked to improve the view.
Looks like I will just have to be patient.
Knowing it is in your radar at least gives me hope. I appreciate your company’s responsiveness.