Where to find free/cheap human body models that can be imported into Shapr3D?

After searching a little on this forum and unsuccessfully trying to wrap my head around how some 3D file formats are different, I’m asking my first question on this forum.

My use case is designing something around human and pet bodies in different positions.

For that, I need to get 3D models of human bodies of different sizes: from baby size, through kid size, all the way to the tallest women (over 130cm long legs) and men (~240cm overall).
Ideally, I’d also get 3D models of cats and dogs (different sizes).

My dream would be Shapr3D to have, built-in, a feature to generate a rough human body where you input a bunch of dimensions (like overall height & width, limits of legs and neck, length of arms, size of head), and you can integrate it into your design, with the ability to flex the different body parts to fit into your design.

Since this is not a Shapr3D feature to date, I’m looking for a place, like an online library where I can find for cheap or free, 3D models of actual sized human and pet bodies, in a format that I can directly, or via Blender edit, import into Shapr3D with a given body position (e.g. arms flexed or sitting). I know about Sketchfab, but I didn’t find real human bodies, and the models didn’t seem to be able to be exported into a format Shapr3D supports.

Thanks in advance for any help or hint.

Hi Louise,

Try this, but I think you might need to create a account.


Daz and Poser come to mind. https://windowsreport.com/software-create-characters/

Mac has a free Poser download. I used the PC version eons ago.