Why did it flip?

Hey gang,

Sweeping one sketch plane around another and on the last segment the sweeped (swept?) shape inverts itself, away from its origin sketch.

Any thoughts on why this happened?

sweep trial 3.shapr (372 KB)

Hi @realdrogo,

That is weird. At first, I thought you were creating the solid arcs one by one, that way it could happen because the cross-section is on the other side of the rail but I saw that you probably did it all together.
Can you please tell me what Shapr3D version are you using? I tried to recreate the issue on 3.54 (542) and it works as it should

That is the same version I’m using.
Strange, uh?

hmm. May I ask you to record the steps of the solid body creation with tutorial mode on? It can be turned on if you go to the iPad’s Settings, scroll down to Shapr3D and turn the Tutorial Mode on. As a result I can see where you tap with your fingers and the pencil.

I tried to get the flipped result and I could but never with the last curve you have selected.


I tried half a dozen times to recreate the oddity and I couldn’t do it.
Oh well if it works, it works.

Thanks, KPeter