Move and rotate tool & Replacing face tool

I tried to use replace face tool on these objects and it gave me this

While I’m at it I tried using “MOVE” and rotate tool
Here is the result

I forgot about the whole body selection nevermind the video :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any reason why the face is flipping backward? If it was just a simple sweep closed by a face that is almost perpendicular to the path (blue body), it would be fine.

(I will try to find out the cause)

I thought so.

So spherical “SHAPES” are a little hard to deal with at moment

Forgive me for these stupid auto correction :sweat_smile:

Thanks Peter
Now I get what you meant by that
I moved the swept the other side now it’s working fine

Can you please share the workspace? If it is confidential, just send it to

Sent as requested