Rotating and sweep


1st pic: after sweeping, one end of tube is not horizontal. I tried a few times and apparently I can do that by adjusting the curve. Is there any guidelines to make it perfect?

2nd: No closed loop after rotating, which means I can’t extrude the face. I didn’t see the principle behind that. Two planars share the same axis that still make them independent faces. By zooming in, seperated points can be seen but it didn’t allow me to fix.


Hey Simon,

1st pic: We are implementing a new sweep function in the next release (Shapr3D 3.0). Sweep will work much better, and you won’t experience this anymore. Only a few more weeks left.

To fix this: I would need to see the the actual spine you used for this sweep to answer your question. Just by looking at the end result, there’s not much I can say on how to fix it.

2nd pic: I have a few questions to better understand the issue. Are you sure you rotated the sketch 180 degrees? Did you try mirroring it instead of rotating? It could be a bug for sure, but can’t tell only from the picture.

Hi,Gabor.That is great. Can’t wait to see new shapr3d.
I was mirroring and rotating. It happened randomly, I don’t know why.

Would you mind to show your spine to make a perfect sweep? I can do it in your way. Thank you.

Hi Simon,

Here is a video, how to do a better spine. You can do it from multiple lines, you just have to use the sweep multiple times. Hope this helps.

Thank you Daniel. You don’t how I want to watch the video. But I don’t have access to YouTube. Since vpn is totally banned in China, nobody can.