Why do In have different extrude options in the same body?

I have a solid object, but I need to extrude in angle, not the whole surface. I choose the surface, then a line to extrude, but in on side it shows the angle option, but in the other side, shows a different one. The first one is what I need, but for the other side

But I have this

Hello @scebastian.ramirez! As I can see, this face is curved. Only flat surfaces can be extruded, if the face is curved, offsetting it can be a solution.

What you can see on the side is called Adaptive User Interface, the tools are given based on your selection. In the first picture, the face and an edge are selected together, so Shapr3D expects you wish to rotate the face around that edge (considered as an axis in this case). The selection is not that clear in the second example, but I hope I could help a bit :slight_smile:

@KPeter thanks for your answer. maybe I formulated my question wrong. Based in your answer, I want the option to rotate the face of the first image, but not in that side, I want that in the other side, however that option is not available, it is different. It should show the same option in both sides, shouldn’t?

Oh, I see! Then please don’t forget that it is possible to relocate the pivot point of the Move/Rotate tool:

Thanks @KPeter. My question is more related why am I getting different options if I stay in one side, like the first pic and other options in the right side. It the piece is uniform, why Do I get different options? In my opinion is like a mirror, if in the right side I get the relocation pivot, in the other why Do I not get the same? Btw, the pivot is new for me hehe, thanks for that tip!

The options are given based on the current selection, they are independent from the viewport. I am not sure what was selected in your case, but feel free to give it a try:
If you select a face, the Offset Face tool will be given by default with several other tools that can interact with the face. Then if you select an edge or an axis (so a face and a line will be selected), the list of tools will shrink because fewer tools can interact with a face and a line together, while the selected tool is the Rotate Around Axis.

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