Will surfacing be implemented?


Hey there, i recently discovered Shapr3D, and i gotta say, i’m impressed. Working on solidworks on a daily basis ,i’m currently looking to optimize my workflow and creativity. Shapr might be the way.

My only concern is, as i mostly work with surfacing i’d like to know if Shapr is working on adding that feature later on (rather sooner than later :stuck_out_tongue: )
Is it fully parametric too ? i’m working on custom made items therefor measurements needs to be tweaked differently for every customer.


Hi - It is not parametric. We are a direct modeling tool, tweaking is still possible though, just a different workflow is needed.
On Surfacing, it’s on our roadmap, but I can’t say an ETA on it, there are many things ahead of it, and we still have to understand the requirements, problem better