Surfacing request

I’m absolutely loving Shapr. What a well designed powerful app.
I would really enjoy having some more surfacing options. To be able to change the color would be very helpful. At some point down the road it would be great to actually be able to use some different shading options i.e. reflective, metallic, wireframe on surface, etc.
Thanks to the Shapr team for developing this incredibly useful tool. Shapr with an iPad Pro is heavenly!


Hi there! We are always happy to hear feedback like yours :slight_smile:

  1. Surfacing: that’s on the roadmap, probably early 2017, or by the end of this year. Probably surfacing tools will be implemented incrementally, like as a first step we will add loft surfaces, then offset surfaces etc.
  2. Colors: on the roadmap, coming by the end of this year
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