Windows app bad behaviour

In the windows app since the latest update (5.180), I have some problems.
First, the update was a new install and not an update. On the plus side, the older version was not deleted so all work was still there, but nertheless, it should have been an update of the existing installation.
Since then I find that I need to login often when I start the app.
Bigger issue is that suddenly somewhere during my modelling work, the app closes telling me that my login has expired.
I do hope you guys can bring back the behaviour of the app as in previous versions.

Are you using a beta version by any chance?

Or is it possible that you installed feom the Win Store, and then using the installer?

@Istvan Is 5.180 a beta version? I actually don’t remember how I did the first install. Current install was from your website and I used the installer that ensures automatic updates.

We might have an idea of what could have happened, please open a ticket at and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue.