Closed Beta - model access


I was working on a model in the Beta, and can no longer open the app as the Beta has ended. Last time this happened, there was another Beta available on TestFlight. Not the case this time.

I was wondering if there will be another Beta being released soon so I can gain access to that model again? Or is there a way to gain access to it from elsewhere (webpage portal to my content perhaps?)

I was also wondering about receiving notifications in future to prevent this? Is there currently a notification (in app or emailed) that goes out advising the end of a beta that I’ve been missing?

Hi, it seems like your Pro subscription expired as the Beta version does not expire. You will need to have a valid Pro Subscription tied to your user id (email address) to access Pro features in the Beta app.

If you have an active Pro subscription, please re-log into the main app and then load the Beta app again.

Hi, I am in the same situation! My Beta is stopped without any notification, and a lot of current work became suddenly unaccessible!!!
My Pro subscription is OK, is running, but I have no access to my current projects which I did run in the Beta!
Please help me, I have a lot of hours work hidden in the Beta! S.O.S.

Hi Victor,

My subscription renewed. It happened then.

I’ve logged into main app with Pro subscription. How do I get the Beta reloaded? TestFlight says I have “No Apps available to test”.

It just gives the option to redeem a code?

Hi @fireKite @GRIZZLY, thanks for getting back to me.

I guess you had the Beta app version initially installed. Please can you share a screenshot of what you see when you try to load the Beta app?

Also please can you tell me if you updated your iOS version or did a device reset lately before you noticed you no longer have access to the Beta app?

Hey Victor,

Last night I updated to the latest iOS.

After that, TestFlight gave the option to update the Beta.
I didn’t check TestFlight before the iOS update, so I’m not sure of the two are correlated or a coincidence.

Back up and running though.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, it’s great to know that it’s back up and working again.

Hello, how can I join the beta?

Hi Jason! Welcome to the forum.
I sent you an invite :slight_smile:

Thank you. So before I get the beta I wanted to ask, will it install a separate app or will my current stable installation get upgraded?

It’s a seperate Beta app. It allows you to test updated app versions before they go live and we will ofcourse appreciate your feedback while you try the Beta versions.

I see there is a new beta out now :slight_smile: First in a while :wink:
So we can espect new beta features coming soon? :smiley:
Can´t see I saw any new features in this one, so I gues it was just to catch up to the regular app?

(Btw I still can´t post replies in the forum in the app, so now I have to switch to the webpage forum instead)

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Hi Christian, Absolutely! We are working on a lot of new exciting features and they will all first be available in the Beta app before going live on the main app :slight_smile:

We are aware of the forum access from the app issue and we already have a ticket created for this. Our development is looking into finding a fix for it.

Where we find the Beta app. Also I’m just finishing a CNC Router build and I’d like to see how either the original or bate will work with.

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@Victor_Shapr3D You say it installs as a separate app. For me it did not, I would like to be able to have both the stable version and the beta side by side. Currently the only one I can open is the beta version.

It’s great to know that you’re able to install the Beta version. Now you can simply search for the Shapr3d app on the App Store and then install the main app from there.

Am I the only one checkin the Testflight app many times every day lately hoping for a new beta update with new features? :stuck_out_tongue:

Crossing fingers for USDZ export and usuable SVG import coming soon:

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Can I please get a testflight beta invite?

Hi Thom, I sent you an invite.

Can I get an invite?

Using Shapr3d on my partner’s iPad… I have to rip it out of her hands or wait til she’s in the shower.

Would like to try it on my surface pro 6.

Which begs the question, if they come out with the WIn ver will it be transferable from machines?
I have time to play/test it now, No work from COVID and Evacuated from fires in Oregon.


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