Wood toy

Mi primer modelo


Hi @Serafo Welcome to the Forum.
This is a really excellent first model, you have obviously been enjoying the S3D experience.

If you are interested you could add little details with very little extra effort, e.g., Wheels:

Double Tap on the flat surface of the Wheel, using your Finger > Sketch > Circle > add 2 circles:

Select the area to modify:

To, say, look something like this:

Finish the Edges as desired:

Repeat on the other side of the wheel [:bulb:Tip: hide the Bodies/Sketches that obscure the view]

If you have S3D Pro add some color:

Feeling adventurous? Detail the Headlights, add Glazing to the Windows, add Seats and Steering Wheel or just about anything you like. Most importantly experiment.
If you need help just shout.

Whatever you do keep up the good work, happy S3Ding :sunglasses:


Nice to see such a good first effort and suggestions for improvement by a stalwart member of the community. Makes for a great product and experience!



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Tks I am working to improve my skills , and its nice too read positive words

Thanks for your good advice, I will apply it to improve the design

@Serafo You are most welcome, and would love to see your new creations.