Cute Sc-fi Vehicle

Loosely based on a cartoon drawing I seen ages ago, but can’t remember where. Credit to whoever it was. I think it was a teddy bear wearing goggles piloting the egg shaped machine.

I’ve just started on it today and should have it finished soon.


Got the bench seat and trim pieces started.

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Dash panel blocked out.

Steering wheel and horn.


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Overall, nice!
Steering wheel? Why not a joystick…with a heads-up display(?) :sunglasses:
(something like the display on Lonergan’s wrist from Cowboys & Aliens)

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Thanks Mike. I’m working from what I can remember from the artists drawing (wish I could find it again), and I’m sure it was a steering wheel of sorts. I’m having fun anyway, making it up as I go.
I’ll wrap up for today as it’s Saturday evening and time to go out :grinning:

Great that you’re having fun. That’s what it’s all about.
(I couldn’t help myself throwing in my 2 cents worth.)

That’s cool Mike. Your two cents worth is always worth its weight in gold :+1:

I made some switchgear on the steering column, a floor with brake and accelerator pedals and a boot lid with hinges and handle/lock.
Also made the windshield similar to the way I remember it from the drawing. But I don’t really like it (I think some things look better in cartoon drawings than they do when modelled) and will probably redo that item completely different to what you see here.

I ended up scrapping that bubble windshield and making one more to my liking. Added a garnish and rubber seal outside it, and a wiper arm assembly. The wiper parts took longest to do.

I rounded the windshield corners. Always changing my mind :roll_eyes:

Looks nice!

How did you do the panel breaks for the main shape? Projection?


Thanks Hraf. I use Subtract instead of Projections, just to get more practice with it.

I’m not finished this yet, still have the dashboard items to do. I thought I’d play with Visualisations on the vehicle in the meantime.


One last tweak before bed. That big wasted area on the floor in front of the pedals, I’ve made a cubby/storage of it.


I’d love to add blur to this project but I’m finding the new DOF won’t work with it, even in the default environment. I have perspective fully off and wide open aperture which should give loads of blur, but still none.

Have you set the focus point, and using the latest app version (5.220)?

Hi Laci. Yes I’ve tried it on the latest version and DOF still won’t work. It’s not a big deal really as I’m just doing hobby stuff and improving my skills.


I added some detail to the speedometer and dash.

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There is no DoF in Orthogonal view, that is the issue here.

Thanks Laci, I’d forgotten about that, again. :roll_eyes:
It’s working now.