Workspace disappearing and grid is glitching


I’m fairly new to Shapr3D so this could be an easy fix. I’m not sure if I hit a button and did something but my workspace disappeared and when I zoom in and out it’s like the entire workspace and grid glitches/flashes in and out. While doing this, my items are invisible but when I select them all their arrows show up but no item. I will post a picture for reference.

Thank you for any help that you can provide, I hate to have to start over.

You have accidentally zoomed out too far.
To fit the view to all items: double-tap on the orientation cube in the top right corner.
To fit the view to a single item: long-tap on the element in the item list on the left and hit “zoom to”.


PERFECT! Thank you so much! I tried zooming in and out with my fingers and it didn’t work before. I tried the double tap and it appeared! Thank you again :))