Worth trading up from iPad Air 4 to new 11" iPad Pro for Shapr3D?

I bought my iPad Air 4 a few months ago mainly so I could use Shapr3D (and my iPad Air 2 was getting long in the tooth). Now that the iPad Pro 11" has been updated, I’m seriously thinking about trading in my iPad Air 4 to get the 120Hz ProMotion of the new iPad Pro 11".

Is enough of a difference between 60Hz and 120Hz when using Shapr3D to justify the upgrade, the other feature differences not withstanding? Will Shapr3D for iPad run on an M1 chip?

I don’t think the higher refresh rate is that much of an upgrade for Shapr, but the extra computing power, and even more, the more memory capacity is. If you use it professionally (e.g. you make money with it), I would even go for the 16 gb ram version, so it can handle much bigger/complex workspaces.

Otherwise, the Air 4 is still a good device, so for “hobby”, if the workspace complexity isn’t too much, it might not worth the upgrade just for Shapr. But if you use it for other apps too, and you need the high refresh, go for it.

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I just remember some of the comments when the iPad Air 4 came out lamenting the lack of 120Hz refresh for Sharp3D. I got the impression that there was a noticeable lag at 60Hz. I don’t use Shapr professionally, so the iPad Air has plenty of computing power for my hobby use.