Wrong measurement after replacing a face of an object


After replacing a face on a object, the measurement of lines and angles are wrong on the 3D space.
I have to close and reopen the sharp file to make the measurement correct.

Here is an example:

Here is a line of 79,09mm

I replace the face

The line is still 79,09mm

After reopen the file, the line has the correct measurement of 89,5mm

Is this a bug ?


Hi Vincent!

Are you using the latest app version (4.7.0)? We used to have this bug, but it’s fixed in the latest version (I’ve tried to reproduce it on both mac and iPad, but didn’t happen). Please let me know if you still see it in 4.7.


Hi Laci

Yes, i was not on the latest version. Now it’s ok. Thanks!

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