"Face can't be replace" issue


I commonly step on this issue when trying to replace face on a single united object (in my case, walls).
The replace tool operation fails and give me a “face can’t be replaced” error, as you can see in the video below.
I usually live with it or find a workaround, and I’m assuming that it is probably me doing something wrong.

Hi, can you pls upload the Shapr3D design? I could not reproduce it, the file would help a lot! Thanks :rocket:

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yes for sure.
here it is

replace face issue.shapr (1,3 Mo)

Any idea on this issue?

it seems to happen more and more often and I didn’t change my workflow so It seems doesn’t come from me.

Sorry for the late reply! There is definitely some inaccuracy there, but I’m not sure about the origin of it. For some reason, the projection of the small face (that cannot be merged into the wall) ends up in splines along the shorter horizontal lines instead of lines.

The workspace you’ve sent me contains only the body. May I ask you to send it with the sketches? If there is any confidential info in the workspace, please feel free to send it in a support ticket:

I’d be especially interested in the workflow of the window creation, could you send me a short description of it also?


i don’t have the model with the sketches because I delete the sketches on the go. Not for confidentiality but to not have a long list of sketches and sometimes sketches make it difficult to select faces.

for the workflow, I usually import my pan from autocad in dwg. extrude my walls, i’ll end up with 2 walls from each side of the window. On one of them I offset a vertice to extrude the upper part or lower part of the wall around the window and unite both side.
here is a quick video of the process.

Thanks for the description, it seems like a bug. At the moment I cannot tell you a quick solution, please stick to the workarounds until we fix this :mag_right: