Think I found a bug

Hi Shapr’s,

I think I ‘ve found a
bug, after resizing an object it’s still give me the old dimension. I’m talking about the dimension that appears below the screen when you select an edge. I join a video because my explanation isn’t as clear as i wished.
Thank to the team for the work and to the community for the support.
My best to all


Thanks, we are aware of this one, and already working on a fix, expect it later this week. :slight_smile:




Please hurry. This bug is preventing me from being able to work on my designs. I routinely resize objects repeatedly to check for fit, and this bug makes that impossible. FYI, if you restart Shapr, it will show the correct size, but if you modify the object again, the size is reported incorrectly.

We just released the new version with the fix. It may take a few hours until its globally available everywhere, but you can check the Appstore page of Shapr3D for the update option.