Zippo Concept - DRVKE

Hey y’all,

So I spent some time over the last two weeks watching Keyshot tutorials on Youtube to learn some more advanced texturing skills. Super fun project, but my computer has been pushed to its limits lol.

In school, to practice our marker rendering skills, our professor asked us to sketch a Zippo lighter and then render the duplicated sketch with multiple different textures as a way to practice. I thought I’d use that idea again but this time with CAD.

I enjoyed designing the Zippo lighter in Shapr3D before I even got to the rendering portion of the project in Keyshot. I wanted to follow existing Zippo dimensions, but updated to look a bit more stylish and futuristic. This was the result! :slight_smile:

Gold Metallic Flakes on Semi-Gloss Black Metal

Recycled Plastic

Engineered Ballistic Plastic

Mossy Tree Bark w/displacement map

Busted Up Forged Steel

Technical Views

Closeup of internal components

The setup for rendering - note the flame substitute (I used this body as a light source)

Comparison between standard Zippo geometry and my more curved approach

Thanks for your time - I’m happy to answer any questions!


Very nice. I would totally miss the wheel though. It has such a distinct feeling.

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Bonus point for the properly modeled flame :heart_eyes:

It occurred to me that I was messing with forces above my pay-grade haha I imagined the lever having a satisfying click when depressed and the flame stays on without having to hold it down thereafter… but yes, the wheel is classic and maybe I strayed too far lol


Actually I think you could make the lever to feel somewhat similar if you have to press hard the lever initially, but the necessary force smoothly decreases as you are pushing it down. It would be a very interesting design exercise to come up with a mechanism that could give you that feeling.
On the other hand, it could be also an interesting opportunity to discover if the wheel could be transformed from the current mechanical solution to an induction based electric part :slight_smile: