Zooming and scale

Hi there. I noticed that when I made the model of the kubelwagon I had zoomed right in on the grid when I started and as a result have a very small model! Not a major problem but at this scale some of the tools do not work quite as well as they do when zoomed out - difficult to do small chamfers, move tool moves objects in large increments and have to type in smaller values. On the other hand with another model I made I found that as the model grew it started to disappear - something to do with a clipping plane?

Anyway, I guess the answer is to start the model somewhere in the middle of the zoom range. Alternatively, is there a way of making the zoom range irrelevant so that you could just keep zooming in or zooming out. In this case the move increments would need to change in proportion to where you are in the zoom range.

Hope this makes sense, and many thanks for a great app.


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Totally makes sense, that’s a very annoying bug that we will fix next week.