Disappearing model bug

Hi All, anyone come across the disappearing model bug? Does not happen all the time but when pinching to resize something the complete model will disappear. Undo or redo don’t help and the model is totally gone, It’s unrecoverable.

Edit. Attached video of what happens. Just a bit of random drawing, but you can see the model disappear.
MP4 format

If you double tap on a plane, the view will be clipped on that plane. If you want to see everything from a regular view, use the camera menu on the top right, and select the view.

The model doesn’t disappear, the workspace just zooms too far out for some reason.

From 0.5mm zoom:


It jumps to 10.000mm zoom2

So the object becomes too small to see. If you zoom back in (or just double tap on the cube), you’ll see that the model is there.

We’ll take a look at why this zoom issue happens.

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Gabor, I had this issue some time ago and discovered that it happened several times when I was tapping the back button a number of times quickly in order to start something over. Maybe too fast for the processor?

Nope, probably you double tapped on the grid (the undo button is quite small), and since your model was over the grid, you did not see it, because the view was clipped at the grid.

Great, thanks guys. I’ll keep a lookout next time it happens (hasn’t since I posted this). Really glad it’s only me rather than the app.