1-1 coaching please?

Hello Shapr family

The tutorials are brilliant but I am looking for coaching help as I work on specific projects. Are there any experts who can help me accelerate learning and if so what are your hourly rates. I am learning quick, a beginner and working on a specific project bu stuck even with the tutorials. Also I have stl files and do not have knowledge to convert them to STEP. I am based in California, would appreciate anyone who can offer help/share their iPad screen as we work. Thank you

Hi Tomasina! Where did you stick with the tutorials?

If you are in SoCal I may be able to help. Where are you located? In any case I would be open to a phone call that might kickstart your efforts.

Hi Tommy
I’m in Northern Cal (San Francisco area). If you know the area, I’m in East Bay near Berkeley
I’m sure what I’m trying to draw would be easy for an expert but not for me - yet :crazy_face:

I watched thru Beginner course 2 (simple Bodies) but can’t do everything into yet. I have tried everything in Beginner Course 1 (sketching) and completed each step successfully but have to keep referring back to it when creating
Thank you for replying

Just keep practicing along with the tutorials mate it’ll come

PM me info@awesome-wheel.com - will help & coach you to work on STL (models) and generate toolspath/gcode to mill - I live in Lake Isabella CA and visit Huntington Beach very often - also send you my how to page step by step to load model (stl) and get toolpath/gcodes for your job